#SSS First Ever Six Sentence Sunday ~ The Fallen Clockwork Angel

Welcome to the first Six Sentence Sunday. This Sunday, I would love to share with you a bit of Emmitt and Libbie's story. They are from mine and Michele's series The Dreadfuls. The Fallen Clockwork Angel. These stories are a hybrid series within the Victorian Gothic/Steampunk/Paranormal genres. I hope you enjoy it, and will come back next week for another addition of #SSS.

In this particular part, Libbie has just ran to the mansion Emmitt resides in. She doesn't know this, but she needs help. Here is a snippet of a conversation between Jonah, Emmitt, Omer and Ezra after her arrival and passing out.

“Are you saying what I think you are?”
“An army?” Omer stepped farther into the room.
“Well it seems to be the norm ‘round here,” Ezra stated, after finishing his whiskey. “Zombies, now reanimated men and women. What’s the world coming to?”
Emmitt chuckled. He found humor in the wolf’s statement. “Yes, indeed. However, I believe it’s something simpler.”

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