#SixSentenceSunday Art of Deception and an Announcement

Hi all and welcome to another week of Six Sentence Sunday!

Today I thought I would do something a little different.

I have been keeping this a secret for a few months now, but I am writing YA! I have a new pen name, JT Camp and it is with my best friend, Michele Ryan. We are writing a shifter serial. It will be three parts and a little over 60k words when it is finished.

Today, I would like to share with you part of Art of Deception. A little setup. Fallon has gotten herself into a pickle. See her parents have died and she is CONVINCED someone killed them. To the point, she is willing to risk her health to find the killer or killers. So, she did a bad thing, which got her in trouble. So, now she has to work with a team of Arrowfire members. An order of teens who protect paranormal beings and their community. As it stands, someone is collecting paranormal beings, and selling their "parts" on the black market. Which is a big no-no.

In this scene, Fallon is on her first stake out and the hilarity ensues. I hope you enjoy it. Art of Deception will be included in the Magic and Shadows: Young Adult Box Set, coming soon from Opal Moon Press, a division of Afterglows Publishing.

Have you ever done any team building skills, Fallon?”

She snapped her head toward the other vampire in their group. “I failed the trust fall.”
“Seriously?” Disdain dripped from Grainger’s voice.
She gave a nonchalant lift of her shoulder. “Can’t help it, people take too long. I’ve got things to do.”
“Cold blooded.” Warren grinned. “I think we underestimated you.”
“I’m small and unassuming. I get it and don’t hold it against you.” She winked.
“This was a horrible idea.”
“Hey,” she whined. “I caught her, like an inch from the ground.” She curled her hand. “Tiger blood.”
Grainger sighed, completely exasperated by her. “I thought you said you failed.”
 “I did. She uh, she kind of hit her ankle on a rock and cracked it. Her ankle, not the rock.” 

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