#SixSentenceSunday ~ Playing Cat and Mouse

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday!

Today, I thought I would share with you, a snippet from my Zodiac Shifter book, Playing Cat and Mouse.

I hope you enjoy, Wilhem, Christoph and Samiyah story.

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this?” Wilhem groaned.
“It’s an adventure. You need one last one before you lose your bachelor status.” Christoph smacked his shoulder. “We’ll be doing a good thing. Keeping up our father’s traditions of helping those in need.”


A lion prince who likes to party...

Wilhelm must take a mate by his thirty-fifth birthday, or his status as Alpha-apparent will pass to his twin brother, Christoph. Motivated to find his bride, he throws a Wag festival to attract the most eligible bachelorettes of the realm. Little does he suspect, the woman of his dreams is more than one man can handle... alone.

A bored cat-goddess in disguise...

As a prominent lawyer, Samiyah Lisimba acts as champion for the poor and the powerless. Being a champion, however, fails to satisfy her most primal needs. When she receives an invitation to the Wag festival, curiosity leads her astray. Wilhelm is as delicious as he is arrogant... but his twin brother is also a sinful temptation. Why should a goddess have to choose?

A game of cat and mouse...

Christoph would do anything for his brother, including one final blowout for their birthday. With the stakes running high, he sets out to help his brother select a worthy mate, never expecting to find the perfect woman is also his fated mate.

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