#SixSentenceSunday ~ Rule Breaker: Black Ops: R.O.O.T

Morning everyone and welcome to another installment of Six Sentence Sunday. Today I would like to share mine and Michele's coming release, Rule Breaker, part of the Black Ops: R.O.O.T series. (Okay so it's a little more than six sentences.)

“Commander Asher Rainer.” He didn't bother to offer her his hand in greeting. He suspected she'd turn her nose up at the offer anyway. “The good guys.”
“Funny, you look exactly like the bad guys,” she snapped.
“Yet we're trying to help you and this village.” He left off if they had been the bad guys, they'd all be dead by now. No reason to scare the young ones. “You might want to think about that. Is there anything my team can do to help with the boy’s care? I don't have a medic readily available, but all my men are trained in basic first responder skills.”
O’Malley, not wanting to deal with one, let alone two, pissed off females left the room. Pussy.
“I am capable.” She reached down to lift the sick boy into her arms.
“All right then. I'm going to suggest you all stay inside while my team continues to search the area. It would be best for everyone.”

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