#SixSentenceSunday ~ Sneak Peek Darkness Rises

Good morning everyone!

I thought I would share another snippet of Darkness Rises with you since it will be releasing soon in the London Calling box set. Next week, we will revealing the cover! So stay tuned!

“Then count yourself lucky.” He twisted the decanter in front of him. The red elixir slid down the sides to settle in the glass.
“This whole show then?”
“A new side effect of my affliction,” Jonah replied. “A disconcerting one.”
“Does the good Doctor know?”
He shook his head. “I was on my way to find all of you when—” He motioned to himself.
“Ah.” Andres nodded. “Better get dressed before Mummy sees you in such a state.” The corner of his mouth tilted upward while the sparkle of tomfoolery glittered his dark eyes.
With a curt nod, Jonah stood. “Could I trouble you to talk with Miss Jemmy?”
“I’ll make sure she’s right as rain.” The coquettish look he threw over his shoulder, at Jonah hadn’t gone unnoticed.
The man partook of anything with two legs and a willing hole. His adventures were, outrageous. His sexual appetite was rather…vulgar.
Pot meet kettle.
Now that you have gotten a chance to check out Jonah's story, head over to Michele Ryan's site, and read up on our resident softy Emmitt in: The Fallen Clockwork Angel.


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