#SixSentenceSunday Bearing It All update!

Welcome to my new #SixSentenceSunday post. I took the week off last week due to needing a break. I have been working my fingers to the bone trying to bring you guys more reading material! Woo! Today, since Bearing It All has become a huge deal, like bigger than Sorority Row and Unrequited Mate, I thought I would share a little more! So, enjoy!

Bearing It All will be released on 3-20-18

Whatever you’re telling yourself… Well, whatever it was, it flew out the window along with any of her self-preservation. Their words of love had seemed like going through the motions more than expressing them with heartfelt truth.

To her anyway.

For hours after he said he had to run again, she laid there, trying to convince herself “just because he said it, doesn’t mean he meant it.” Yet, having his naked body pressed to her—which she hadn’t realized she’d fallen asleep naked until he woke her—snapped another piece of her puzzle into place. A small voice in the back of her head said, yes, he meant what he said. Bodhi loved her. 


Of all the women he could have, he picked the chubby bear with the pear-shaped figure. She had curves where they weren’t meant to be and when she tried to lose the weight, it magically came back, like she was supposed to be chunky. Always the size sixteen, never the five.

Bodhi growled again. “What did I tell you about wandering away from me?” He pinched her nipple, drawing her attention to his face—his oh-so-beautiful-hurts-to-look-at-because-he-could-stop-her-heart, handsomeness. His blue eyes swirled with lust, and his lips were parted slightly. The wolf lurked within those depths, she could see him, waiting to get out. To lay claim.

“Sorry, I—”

I hope you enjoyed that little tidbit. Michele and I are having so much fun writing their story.

Until next week!



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