#SixSentenceSunday ~ Sneak Peek at Kalkin Apache County Shifters

Good morning everyone!

Michele and I have gone through our first round of edits for Kalkin! I am super stoked about how this story has come together. I was so nervous about the edits and what would come of them.

Today, I'd like to share with you another little snippet of the interaction between Caden and Kalkin right after they met the girls. I hope you enjoy it!

Caden got in next to him. “Shit. The elder is going to get herself hurt if she’s not careful.”
Kal closed the door and started the truck before glancing at his brother. “What the hell do you have going on with Danielle already? You don’t know anything about her.” He could say the same about him and Keeley, yet the woman’s scent grabbed him by the groin and wouldn’t let him go.
“She’s hurting, bro. How could you not feel something for both of those women? They’re both fragile and scared.” Caden rolled his shoulders and checked his side mirror as Kal pulled out away from their house. “Besides, it sounded like you were getting along splendidly with Keeley.”

He laughed. He didn’t know if getting along would be what he would call it. The moment he crossed the creek and went onto their property, the connection seemingly slipped into place for him. As if an invisible magnet pulled him to her, no matter how much venom she spewed at him. With each challenge she threw down at his feet, his dick grew harder. Never had he met someone so confounding, yet so beautiful and entrancing. “I don’t think you and I were looking at the same woman.”

So, there you have it. Only a few more months to go, before Kalkin will be available! Stay tuned for more updates!



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